running with sunglasses

How To Keep Glasses From Falling When Running

September 17th, 2020

Many runners will agree that wearing glasses during a race can be a pain! For various reasons, runners and athletes may choose to wear their glasses as opposed to contact lenses.

However, wearing glasses throughout your run may cause a variety of different issues. Some of these may include:

  1. You could lose them

Particularly in intense marathon racing or obstacle racing, you are performing at higher speeds, which increases the amount of sweat upon your face and ups the chances that you could lose your glasses mid-race

  1. Your glasses could become dirty

It is pretty much a given that your glasses are going to get dirty. Even on sunny days with low winds, there is a risk that you will get dust in your face! This debris may impact your eyesight during your run, and increase your chances of having an accident. It would be handy to have some pocket wipes on hand throughout your run, however these may not suffice when you are running at high speeds, and your best solution may be to invest in a pair of expertly designed running sunglasses.

  1. You could end up with fog on your glasses

When we are doing intense physical exercise, such as marathon running, our body temperatures rise. This means your glasses are likely to become steamed up. When we run with glasses, we can reach a point where they continuously stream up and remain foggy regardless of how many times we wipe them. 

  1. You may find that your glasses slip down from your nose

As with fogged glasses, another likely outcome from the amount you perspire during your run is that they will slip down your nose. This common issue, means that there will be discomfort for perhaps the first 30 minutes, followed by pains such as pinching if they continue to remain in the same position for any longer.

Of course, this could lead to you losing your glasses altogether during your run. When you search for an appropriate pair of running sunglasses, you should look at those with features such as adjustable straps, and anti-slip ear hooks made of comfortable materials such as silicone.

  1. You may be blinded by the elements

Regardless of how much precaution you take, there are some situations we just cannot control. Running in rainy weather can ruin everything!

When we run during rainy weather, there is of course, that possibility that your vision will be obscured or that your glasses may fall from your face. There may also be unpreventable mist from the rain that could totally blind you. Some runners may have no choice but to run without glasses, which is also far from ideal.

A solution for this predicament is to find a good pair of running sunglasses which act as a visor to adequately shield you from the rain.

How do I stand a better chance of running with glasses?

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