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Running Sunglasses by Pure Running

Looking to find the right sunglasses for your running needs? Appropriate eyewear should protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays all year round.
Finding sunnies that balance protection with comfort may prove to be a challenge, so we have put together a list of features to help you find the pair that is right for you. 

Blocking Out UV Rays
Regardless of whether you are running in the dead of summer, or on an overcast winter day, ultraviolet light can take its toll on you. So, it is important to keep covered whenever you’re running outdoors.
Your new running sunglasses should offer you the best protection for the unique shape of your face. This is because UV rays can reach your eyes from all angles. 
We would recommend wraparound sunglasses, as they offer the best coverage from side to side.

The Importance of Comfortability
It could be said that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to eyewear options on the market today. However, comfort should be considered your top priority, because your new pair of stylish running sunglasses will remain on your face for extended periods of time.
Basically, if your sunnies aren’t comfortable for you when you are engaging in intense exercise, you’re probably less likely to wear them in future. 
Facial shapes, again, are important. If your face is wider, ensure the pair doesn’t pinch above the temples. Likewise, if your head is on the smaller side, you want a model that will not slip or bounce.

Polarised Lenses Are Vital
When you’re running on roads during the day, polarised lenses can cut down on the reflective glare from cars and the road surface, enabling you to feel more relaxed and focus on your run. 
Polarisation itself doesn’t make the pair of best running sunglasses more costly. Even in situations where you are off-road or there is low-light, you cannot safely make do without polarised lenses.

Tints Add Value
There is a huge array of tint colours on the market. Remember that a darker tint doesn’t necessarily offer better protection for your eyes. It is best that you search for a lens type that delivers UV protection, before you consider the tint. 
Many sunglasses come with a rose-coloured lens which aim to improve your vision by providing you with a greater level of contrast. This can be helpful on more technical trails for example if you are running along scorching hot asphalt tracks, you might be better suited to an extremely dark lens that can cut down on the intensity of the sun.