Running Socks

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Best Running Socks for You

Finding the best running socks online is a big deal. They can be expensive items which do make a difference and add to a more effective run. 

So, where do you start your journey in finding the best racing socks on offer for your needs? Luckily we have put together a few simple tips to help you select the right design for you.

Should socks be thin or think?
Your running shoes should already be offering you adequate cushioning for the ball of your foot and your heel. If your shoes are on the lighter side, we would recommend that you pick up a pair of socks with more cushioning for the ball of your foot. This will help to reduce any potential fatigue during your run. 

How long should my socks be?
If you are someone that is prone to blisters we would recommend that you think about purchasing either quarter-length sock or no show running socks. 

Protecting your arches
There are some running socks on the market which offer arch protection. We would recommend that you seek the advice of a health professional if you suffer from high arches as they may be able to offer you some advice about orthodontics. 

Changing your socks
Remember, if it is a hot day and you are running for lengths of over an hour you should think about changing your socks midway during your run.

If you run in socks that are drenched with sweat because it is a hot summer afternoon, then it is very likely you will get blisters. Therefore, it is best to avoid cotton socks where possible. We would recommend that you place an extra pair of racing socks in your running belt. You can then change them when you are halfway through your run. Remember it is better to be safe than end up with blisters, which will impact your running routines.

Climate is Everything
Some people may choose the same type of racing socks to run in all year around, however we wouldn’t recommend it as climate can affect your run. 

Woollen socks are perfect for colder weather in keeping your feet both dry and warm. When the weather gets hotter and more humid we’d recommend that you look at purchasing thinner socks as these will maximise your comfort.