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Saucony Running Shoes

Choosing the perfect running shoes can be a difficult task, but the range of Saucony running shoes at Pure Running is sure to match all types of different runners. We offer cheap running shoes in Australia designed at getting everyone on track to living a healthier lifestyle. Discover our range of Saucony shoes for both men and women online.

A Brief History of Saucony
Saucony rose to fame in the world running community began all the way back in Kutztown, Pennsylvania in 1898.

The brand was named after Saucony Creek which flows near the town, which it’s logo is also derived from.

Subsequently, Saucony moved its head offices over to Lexington, Massachusetts, after it was purchased by a footwear producer called Hyde Athletic. It’s now one of the many shoe brands that is owned by Stride Rite and still produces excellent running shoes for men.

Saucony is one of the original running shoe makers. It first gained widespread appeal with runners back in the 1980’s and 1990’s with innovative shoes such as the Jazz and Grid.

The Jazz, in particular, gained a popular following for its lightweight design. It also introduced a popular new technology for Saucony, known as the MaxiTrac lug outsole.

Innovative Saucony Features
Saucony has been in business for over 100 years, consistently developing and improving upon the performance of each shoe that they put out on the market. Over time, Saucony has cemented themselves as being well known for making shoes for people that take their running seriously, with a number of incredible features forming a part of their innovative designs.

The Saucony ISOFIT feature is a part of the technology behind the shoes, giving runners the feel of a custom fit thanks to a design that morphs to the feet of the runner. The EVERUN cushioning is another standout feature that provides runners with the top energy return throughout their strike, allowing for an incredibly smooth and comfortable running experience. The lightness and bounciness of Saucony shoes can’t be found in the majority of other competing models, leaving them with less heel-toe drop over time.

Saucony Women’s Running Shoes
Some of the Saucony women’s running shoes range includes the Kinvara, Peregrine and Freedom shoes. Finding suitable footwear that can match both that casual run around the neighbourhood or those intense marathon training sessions, is made simple with the Saucony range. With designs that are produced to help you get the most out of your run, the Saucony women’s running shoes are made for all types of terrains.

No matter if you’re using them out on the road, on the track, or on that hiking trail, the traction and stability offered in these running shoes can give you the ultimate performance you’ve been searching for.

Saucony Men’s Running Shoes
The Saucony men’s running shoes that Pure Running stock include the Peregrine, Freedom and Kinvara shoes. The Kinvara is the best-selling lightweight running shoe that Saucony produces, designed for neutral runners who are searching for a well-cushioned run in a lightweight shoe. They also feature a clean looking upper providing a snug and comfortable fit.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a grippy option that’s suitable to take off-road on some more adventurous trails, the Peregrine offers a versatile trail shoe with great protection. They’re perfect for those larger inclines on gruelling uphill ascents and provide the right amount of forgiveness when running downhill.

The Saucony Freedom delivers a bouncy ride that offers more durability and grip over time. Featuring a level of versatility and comfort that can fill all type of running demands, the Freedom is a nimble and easily accessible shoe that’s designed at elevating that usual daily run around the neighbourhood.

Buying Running Shoes Online
Take a look at our full range of running shoes on offer for men and women at Pure Running. We guarantee to provide you with the best price for Saucony running shoes online in Australia. Don’t forget that you can also pay for your shoes using Afterpay, making that decision to purchase some new running shoes online a little easier.