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One thing you should know when you’re choosing a running vest pack - there are an endless number of options on the market today for differing needs!

If you’re a marathon runner, then your best bet is to look at more minimalist backpacks for runners as these will be ideal for carrying snacks, fluids and energy gels. You might want to look at purchasing something a little more sophisticated to carry all your essentials if you’re looking to add a couple of running commutes into your weekly routine.

So how do you choose the right product for you? Luckily we are at hand with a few tips to pick the best backpack for you.

Choosing the right running backpack

It is important that you look at the straps of each running bag you come across. You are going to need a pack which fits comfortably while you are running, and this includes the straps for your chest, shoulders and waist.

Your shoulder straps will need to be specially padded so they fit snugly and large enough that they distribute your weight evenly. In contrast, thinner straps are likely to dig into you and rub, which may make the pack-redundant for you when running over longer distances.

Your chest strap should be completely adjustable and should also be able to move up and down as needed. This is an extremely important consideration for female runners.

Another thing you will need to think about when researching for the right running bag in Australia is the bag’s capacity. If you’re commuting, then the normal amount of room for all your worldly belongings should be approximately 8 to 12 litres. Remember, do not over pack your running bag – as you are more likely to go the distance if you pack lightly.

Technology has helped to advance running backpacks for a long way from those that you hauled around the playground at school. Packs are now equipped with handy features, such as the inclusion of ventilation channels which help to circulate the air across your back. There are also ergonomic harness systems, which are designed to assist you in toting your belongings around without them jostling up and down, interfering with your posture or causing any potential injuries. So, it is important to remember that when you’re searching for your new running backpack – what you need to carry on a regular basis really needs to factor into your eventual decision.