Running Caps and Hats

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Running Headwear/Headbands/Visors

Regardless of whether you’re attempting a long run on a rainy day or a light jog in the sun, it is important that you feel comfortable. The best way to do this is by putting on a running hat.

Running headwear keep all the elements at bay – whether that be the wind, rain or sun. They are also designed to stop sweat from dripping onto your face, which will impair your vision during your run on a sunny day. During colder seasons, your best option is a running beanie that can keep your skin free of sweat, whilst also keeping you warm and dry.

So, why would you need to look for the best running caps on offer online? Here are a few reasons

1. They keep you cool in all seasons
It goes without saying that this is the most obvious benefit of running caps. By drawing perspiration away from your head during your run they will keep you cool through the sweat that is evaporating. Simultaneously, the best running headbands for runners uses fabric that breathes, letting air in to cool down the runner.

2. They give you greater control over your hair
Runners with long hair – take note! A headpiece (such as a running cap) is just what you need. Running caps with holes for ponytails, for example, will keep your hair from locking heat in from your neck and shoulders. It will also enable the end of your hair to dry much quicker while it is away from your body.

3. Aerodynamics
A streamlined head shape that is created by the addition of running headwear can be compared to that of a cycle helmet. They both offer a considerable advantage to the velocity in which you are traveling, which may create an advantage when it comes down to besting your personal time or winning a race.

4. An extra layer of protection
Running hats are made to shield you from the elements, in the same way all good hats should. They shield the wearer’s head from the harshness of the sun, protect your eyes from dust and rain, and act as a running visors from the wind.

5. They look good!
Confidence in your own abilities is powered by how you look in sport. Or at least, how you think you look! A psychological term, known as “enclothed” cognition” derived from research which suggests strongly that performance is hugely effected by items we wear, such as headbands for runners, and how we then perceive we look with them on.