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COROS creates high-performance sports technology to enhance your workout. COROS is well known for pioneering the highest quality watches for the climbing and running scene – using the latest innovative technology and highest grade materials. COROS watches are built to last, and withstand some of the most demanding conditions – and is favoured by alpine climbers and ultra-runners.

In 2018, the PACE and APEX watches were released, with the APEX boasting a 35-hour battery life. In the same year, the VERTIX GPS Adventure Watch was released, the most high spec model of the bunch. COROs has created a watch for every type of runner, whether you be the urban jogger, the trail runner or the runner who enjoys taking on new challenges in tough terrains.

COROS watches aren’t only for runners, but also cater to multi-sport athletes. With the ability to track a wide variety of workouts including open water swimming, cycling, strength and cardio workouts, these innovative watches are your ideal workout partner.


The COROS Pace 2 Premium watch features GPS tracking, a barometer, compass and 24/7 heart rate monitoring. It has run, cycle, swim, cardio and strength modes, which allows you to record various activities depending on the nature of your workout. One of the lightest GPS watches on the market at its time of release, the COROS Pace 2 Premium is a fantastic addition to your workout routine, and at a great price point.


APEX 2 Multisport GPS Watch

The APEX 2 Multisport edition of the COROS watch is best for outdoor athletes who like to train hard. With up to 45 hours battery life, offline maps for on-wrist navigation and training and workout plan options, this watch is ideal for athletes searching for technologies which support their goals.

APEX Pro 2 Multisport Watch

With up to 75 hours battery life, this model is a step up from the APEX Pro Multisport 2. It has additional features than the original Multisport 2, and is made with extreme durability front of mind. Its sapphire glass screen and grade 5 titanium bezel makes this watch scratch resistant, and able to withstand any temperature between -20 up to 50 degrees celsius. This model is ideal for the adventurer, who enjoys tackling various different terrains.


The most high-tech of the bunch, this watch is designed for serious athletes. It has the ability to track GPS with sharp accuracy, even at signal black points such as in between tall buildings or deep within the forest. This model of adventure watch is incredibly powerful, up to 20% faster than the original VERTIX. It has the longest battery life ever seen in a GPS watch – of up to 140 hours of standard full GPS tracking and 60 days of normal usage. Perfect for long, tough adventures, the COROS VERTIX 2 is up for any challenge.

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Whether you’re a casual urban runner, seasoned marathon runner or ambitious hiker, COROS has a running watch for you.

Here at Pure Running, we love COROS watches for their unbeatable quality, commitment to innovation and user-friendly design. If you are on the hunt for a new watch, you can’t go past a COROS sports watch. Shop the range of the best COROS running watches via our website. If you have any queries in regards to which model is best for you and your needs, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for expert advice.