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Energy/Running/Marathon Gels

Sports gels are a nutritional staple that belongs in the fuel belts of amateur runners, as well as marathon and/or half marathon runners across Australia. Energy gel packs for runners are vital, particularly when your running efforts extend beyond an hour, and calories begin to deplete accordingly. Before you go searching online for the right product for your running needs, we have provided you with a brief snapshot on what you need to know about carbohydrate gels.

What Are Nutrition Gels, and how do they benefit me during a run?

Energy gels have been specially designed to keep your storage of glycogen topped up, as during long-distance running these will deplete.

Energy gels for runners usually consist of simple sugar, which as you may know is your body’s default source of fuel throughout the vigorous exercise. We would recommend that you look for brands that aid quick absorption, such as best marathon gels, which will have two different types of carbohydrates, for example fructose and glucose.

There are many energy gels online which also benefit runners with the inclusion of electrolytes, which are a crucial component of a long-distance run, particularly in warmer seasons. If you are prone to profuse sweating during your run, we would recommend that you seek out a gel that includes a minimum of 100mg in sodium.

There are multiple gel brands on the market that also include caffeine. Caffeine is an excellent ingredient for energy gels for runners, as they will help to make the latter half of the race go a lot smoother. It will also help your GI tract if you look at alternating between non-caffeinated and caffeinated energy gels while you’re running.

To maximize your performance, you should consume approximately 25 grams of carbohydrates (which equates to 100 calories). In general, this is one energy gel pack consumed every 30-45 minutes when you’re going on a run that lasts an hour or more. You should think about commencing this regular intake of energy gels (known as a fuelling plan) in your training schedule, well in advance of your race day. This way you should be able to get into the routine of consuming energy gels when your energy levels are depleting.

When you’re researching energy gels you should also look at the essential amino acids that are listed in the ingredients, as these will be effective in neutralising the build-up of lactic acid throughout your body.