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Having the right running watch greatly contributes to your success as a runner. Whether you run on a casual basis or are a more serious athlete, a high-quality GPS running watch can vastly enhance your workout.

The Benefits Of Running Watches

Modern running watches are equipped with a range of high-tech features which can add to your workout by better tracking your progress and in turn help you stay motivated.

Accurate data tracking

Most GPS fitness watches have the ability to track distance, location, elevation, heart rate, pace, cadence and even weather conditions on the day.

They can also record your fastest stretch and variances in pace.

This data is incredibly valuable to have when looking to track your running progress over a period of time.

When connected to a fitness recording app such as Strava or COROS, you can track and compare your data over time, as well as engage socially with other runners.

Avoid carrying your phone with you

A fitness watch is a far lighter option in comparison to carrying your phone. Secured firmly on your wrist, a running watch is far less distracting, and less bulky than a phone. 

Love to listen to music while you run? Some running watch models are equipped with music storage, so you can listen to your favourite beats or podcasts during your run.

Track your progress

For any seasoned runner, you’ll understand the value of using data to track your progress and improvements over time. A good running watch stores all this data for you in one place, and gives you the ability to see your progress over time. This data can also pinpoint where you need to improve. This is especially useful for long-distance runners, or those training for a marathon.

Sharp accuracy

GPS watches for runners provides far more accurate data than relying on a phone app alone. Its GPS features provide exact distances, and the electrodes and sensors located on the back of the watch provide accurate heart rate readings, including insight into your blood oxygen levels.

High tech features

Modern fitness watches are equipped with sophisticated technology. Not only do they simply record running distance and pace, but have the ability to record accurate heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. Many fitness watches have the ability to switch into smartwatch mode, and have stress level monitoring and sleep tracking functionality.

So not only does your watch record your exercise activities, it facilitates a healthier lifestyle by monitoring your stress levels, sleep quality and level of activity throughout your day. This in turn can make you more accountable for taking charge of your health and improving on areas where you can.

Keeps you motivated

Tracking data and recording progress is a fantastic way to remain motivated. No matter how gradual your progress, your running watch is the perfect companion to keep you on track and remind you of your wins.

Track more than just your runs

Additionally, fitness watches can be used to record other types of exercise including;

  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Cardio workouts
  • Skiing
  • Rowing

This multisport tracking feature also makes a fitness watch ideal for triathletes.

COROS Watches at Pure Running

COROS bring the latest and greatest in running watch technology. COROS watches are equipped with an array of mind-blowing features, have exceptional battery life and provide the most accurate data tracking. Here at Pure Running we are proud to stock the best running watches from COROS. 

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