Runners Recovery Drink

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Recovery Drink for Runners

Did you know that the recovery process post-run is just as important as the process of training itself? 

We all know that the whole purpose of training is so that you become gradually stronger and faster over time, right?

To aid performance, we need to think about the stress we are putting upon our bodies. That is why you should look at some of the best runners’ recovery drinks available online, which will help you to cope better with this stress over time, and recover quicker. 

Want to be quick and efficient?

Recovery drinks for runners are important for the body during and after a run, allowing you to push further and harder in your training runs and enabling you to have better results.

Your body will be at its’ maximum capacity to absorb all the restorative nutrients it needs during the two-hour window after you have finished your exercise.

What kind of nutrients do recovery drinks for runners contain?

While you are running, your body is put under all kinds of different stresses, including:

Muscle soreness (through the build-up of lactic acid)


Depletion of glycogen

Potential (but minute) tears to your muscles – these depend on the intensity of your run.

All these stresses are best resolved through rehydration. Rehydration is by far the most important part of your recovery mix for runners. However, hydration on its own will not complete your process of recovery.

Your body will need adequate protein to repair your muscles, as well as carbohydrates which will help replenish your glycogen storage. The consumption of protein along with carbohydrates will speed up the uptake of glycogen to your muscles and increase the synthesis of protein, which results in a faster recovery.

The recovery drink for running should have a ration of either 3:1 or 4:1 of carbohydrates to protein. It should also consist of ample electrolytes, which include magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium.

An adequate intake of protein should be around 10-20g. Try not to over-do it or you will waste your money – and put undue stress on your kidneys!

In Summary

It is important to bear in mind that the benefits you gain from any post-run drinks or runners’ recovery drunks will be in proportion with the effort you have expended during your run.