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Maurten’s sports nutrition is unlike anything else on the market today, with a range of energy gels and drink mixes to aid your running performance. 

What are their products?

The Maurten Gel 100, is unlike traditional gels. Whereas normally gels are comprised of carbohydrates and water that have been mixed with added flavourings, preservatives and syrups, this gel is full of fructose and glucose, which help to enable a maximum carb intake per hour of 100 grams


The Maurten Drink Mix 320 is one of the most carbohydrate-rich sports drinks available on the market today. Used by some of the greatest athletes in the world, this drink mix is specially formulated for sports performance. When it is combined with water, Maurten Drink Mix provides adequate hydration and lots of energy to runners. It contains 500mL of carbohydrates (or 80 grams).


How do I take Maurten Gel and Maurten Drink Mix?

Maurten’s sports nutrition products are extremely versatile and multi-purpose. The recommendation is that they can be consumed either before, during or after exercise.


How much energy will they give me?

Your body can effectively use approximately 60 grams of consumed carbohydrates each hour. These ingested carbohydrates are usually in the form of maltodextrin (known as glucose polymer) or glucose. A 0.5:1 mixture of glucose/maltodextrin and fructose enable an uptake of anything up to 90 grams every hour.


Recently, studies have suggested that an increase in the ingestion of fructose will enable an even larger uptake.


Maurten energy gel utilises a 0.8:1 ratio of glucose and fructose, with carbohydrates in one serve amounting to approximately 25 grams.


Maurten drink mix has approximately 80 grams of carbohydrates if it is mixed in with 500mL of water. This drink mix has been designed so that it can be mixed with water that had less than 40mg/L of calcium content, so bear in mind that higher levels of calcium will affect how the mixture is dissolved.  


What happens in the body once I have consumed one of Maurten’s products?

Maurten’s range of sports nutrition products, including the Energy Gel 100 and the Drink Mix 320 use a patent-pending technology known as hydrogel. 


Hydrogel technology helps to enable a streamlined transportation of carbs throughout the body. First through to the stomach, and then the intestine, which is where the absorption of salt, water and carbohydrates happens. This is known as an “instant conversion” from a drink into hydrogel through the stomach’s acidity.