Running Belts

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Best Running Belts in Australia

Searching for running belts online can be an overwhelming experience, with such a vast number of brands, models and features to choose from!

So, where do you start your search for the right running band for you? Right here! We have put together some helpful pointers in choosing the best running belt on offer for your needs.


In an ideal world, your running pocket belt should be equipped with a front-facing pouch that is positioned low in alignment with your hips.

To prevent the belt from possible bouncing while you are exercising, the inside should have silicon gripping. Chafing shouldn’t be an issue, because the belt should be designed ergonomically. The best belts are evenly weight distributed with low chance that they will interfere with your running.

Using Water Bottles

You should always make sure that you are having adequate fluid intake during exercise. This will reduce the possibility of fatigue, dehydration and heat stroke. You will find three main types of running belts online for water bottles:

Fully-equipped sports belts which can hold either 1 or 2 water bottles
Simplified pouches which hold only 1 bottle
Sports belts with a holster to hold your bottle effectively.

Make sure that it is easy for you to access your water bottle using only one hand, and that your bottle has a spout with quick flow and a well-designed mouthpiece. 

Adequate Phone Storage

Runs are only complete if you have your smartphone for fitness apps or music. You can either use an armband specifically for storing your phone or you could have an additional pouch for your phone.

A running belt with a zip-up pouch is probably your best bet here if you feel your arm band is likely to weigh you down during long runs. But remember it should be large enough to contain your smartphone adequately. 

The Material is Everything

You should always check the materials that are being used to make your running belt, as some are more effective when regulating heat or preventing sweat from entering your pouch. Fabrics such as neoprene are more lightweight than other materials on the market. 

There are belts on offer designed more for rainier conditions, these are water-resistant so that your valuables are protected. Belts which use zippers are less likely to be entirely waterproof and should never be submerged in water.