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Just How Good Are Goodr Running Sunglasses?

March 9th, 2023

One of the great things about running is that it doesn’t matter what level you’re at when equipping yourself with good quality gear. Whether you’re a beginner on a footpath, if you’re training for a marathon or if you’re out there setting PBs on the highest level mountain trail runs, in any situation it’s absolutely worth making sure you have good quality accessories to help achieve your goals. This month, we’re looking at sunglasses—in particular, Goodr running sunglasses.

Goodr sunglasses have won several awards since the company’s inception only seven years ago. These include Runner’s World Gear of the Year (three times), a GQ Fitness Award, and a Women’s Health Fitness Award. They have also received several brand endorsements by some pretty impressive names, including Oprah Daily’s Must-Have Gear, PGA Buyer’s Choice, Rolling Stone’s Favourite Sunglasses for Athletes, Men’s Health Best Buy, Outside’s Best Cross Country Ski Touring Gear and Inc. Magazine’s Best Places to Work.

goodr sunglasses

With such accolades already under their belt, they must be doing something right, and well, believe us, they are. In only seven years, Goodr has become one of the world’s leading running accessories brands, designing and producing extremely high quality active sunglasses at a very affordable price.

What Sets Them Apart From Regular Sunnies?

Many runners have been using cheap petrol station sunnies for the simple reason that if they slip or bounce off and get damaged during a run then no big deal, right? But why should anybody accept this as a fixed reality? Why not have sunglasses that fit well, are comfortable and don’t slip or bounce during a run? This is where Goodr sunglasses come in.

Tired of searching service stations for cheap throwaway sunnies, Goodr’s founder, Stephen Lease, decided it was about time that high quality polarised sunglasses that offer good UV protection were made available to the running community at an affordable price. So with a bit of clever design and engineering, Stephen and his Goodr co-founders, Ben Abell and Keri Blunt, came up with some purpose-built running sunnies that would change the game.

What’s So Good About Goodr?

Goodr’s number one claim is that they don’t slip or bounce, and believe us, they have certainly backed that up!

Slipping or bouncing sunglasses is a nightmare for runners. It breaks your rhythm and totally sucks you out of the mental zone that you need to be in to set the right pace. Constant fidgeting and adjusting will completely ruin your run. But with Goodr’s special grip coating, nose bridge and intelligent frame material and design, they’ve come up with a product that has completely fixed this issue, even taking into account the many different head sizes that their products are likely to sit on.

Not only does all this clever engineering eliminate unwanted movement, it also gives them an extremely comfortable fit. Many customer reviews have mentioned that they’re so light and comfortable that they sometimes forget they’re even wearing them!

Lens Technology

As well as being comfortable, it’s important to note that the best sunglasses should offer a high degree of protection from harmful UV rays. That’s why Goodr’s polarised lenses offer UV400 protection to keep your eyes safe, no matter how harsh your running conditions are. Goodr’s range includes four different lens types (blue blocking, gradient, reflective and non-reflective) to make sure that there is the perfect pair for all running scenarios.


Aside from functionality, Goodr set out to make running sunglasses that actually look good. Up until Goodr came along, if you wanted sunglasses that were suitable for sport, you were going to have to settle for looking like a bit of a dork. Wrap-arounds may be functional, but more than outdated in our opinion. One of Goodr’s aims was therefore to inject a bit of fun and flare into running accessories. After all, why should running accessories always be plain and simple?

The result of this ethos is a massive range of frames to suit all styles and personalities. From the classic shape of OGs to Mach G aviators to Circle Gs, there is a pair of Goodr sunnies to suit any face.

We take running seriously, but we also like to have a bit of fun and express ourselves, especially doing something we enjoy, so we absolutely love what Goodr brings to the table with their range of funky frames.


Perhaps Goodr’s most desirable trait is that they’re affordable. Ranging from just $49 to $69, no product in their range is going to break the bank which means you get all the features and protection of a high quality pair of running sunglasses without the hefty price tag.

See For Yourself

We love our Goodr sunnies here at Pure Running so click this link to check out our massive range and see which style tickles your fancy. Are you still asking yourself ‘are Goodr sunglasses good?’ We reckon they’re better than good. They’re Goodr.