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Saucony Women's Running Shoes

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  • Sale! Saucony Women’s Freedom 3 (Aqua/Blue) | Saucony Women's Running Shoes

    Saucony Women’s Freedom 3 (Aqua/Blue)

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  • Sale! Saucony Women’s Peregrine 10 (Black/Barberry) | s10556-20_1

    Saucony Women’s Peregrine 10 (Black/Barberry)

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  • Sale! Saucony Women’s Kinvara 11 (Coral) | saucony-kinvara-11

    Saucony Women’s Kinvara 11 (Coral)

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Women’s Running Shoes by Saucony

Finding the best women’s running shoes can be quite a challenge. Regardless of whether you’re training for your next marathon, or you’re just wanting to get out into the open for an easy-going jog, there is one brand that you should make sure you never overlook.

Saucony’s women running shoes are a lighter model than many competitor brands, and in addition to this they have utilised technical advancements to make a higher quality of shoe. 

A Brief History of Saucony

The American brand Saucony rose to fame as a high-quality manufacturer of women’s running shoes when its story began in 1898 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. 

The shoe manufacturer is named after the Saucony Creek, which flows near the town and has been incorporated into its logo.

Over time, Saucony moved its headquarters over to Lexington, Massachusetts, after it was purchased by Hyde Athletic. Saucony is a shoe brand that is now owned by Stride Rite and still produces fantastic running shoes for women to this day.

After this long history it’s no wonder that Saucony is now one of the world’s leading running shoe makers. The brand gained widespread appeal back in the eighties and nineties, which coincided with popular releases such as the Jazz and Grid. 

The Jazz was known for its lightweight design, and it also introduced a popular new technology for Saucony known as the MaxiTrac lug outsole. 

The anatomy of your foot

Above all else, the best brand of women’s running shoes must fit the anatomy of your feet. 

Remember that your feet can change over time, it is important to find the right shoes for the long haul that will suit changes to the size and shape of your feet. Saucony offers many options, and incorporates various technologies into their shoes to suit these eventual changes to your anatomy.

Supporting your feet

Saucony women’s running shoes will enable your arc to be supported during your run or walk. Simultaneously, they will evenly distribute your weight 
Saucony offers support to both your arch and generally speaking, your entire body – and these are both compulsory for a good women’s running shoe.

Made Using High-Quality Materials

Materials used in the sole of your women’s running shoes will influence how well you will be supported during your walk or run
Saucony uses special fabrics and special sole designs in the building of their shoes. They have many different sole layouts which are made especially for situations where different forms of support are needed