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Men’s Running Shorts

The right clothes for the job can make all the difference when you’re out running. Just like you put all that effort into finding the perfect running shoes to match your needs, you want to be sure that the rest of your body is well looked after. Our selection of men’s running shorts at Pure Running is designed to make your running experience more comfortable and enjoyable, helping you get the most out of your exercise routine.

Men’s running shorts are ideal for keeping your body temperature at a reasonable level as you exercise. You’ll want to make sure that you have a couple of pairs handy so they can always be an essential part of your workout wear.

Why do you need running shorts?
To achieve your best performance when you’re running, you want to ensure you’re wearing comfortable running shorts that are specifically designed to be worn for running and other forms of exercise. Although it’s tempting to grab any pair of shorts from your drawer, you’ll end up causing more harm than good. If you wear shorts made from the wrong material, you may end up giving yourself bad chafing or have your shorts stick to your groin as you start to sweat.

Men’s running shorts are often designed to have a slightly longer inseam with more support in the groin area. The lightweight and breathable material of good quality men’s running shorts also gives you the comfort you need to run harder for longer. The liners within running shorts are great for wicking moisture away and providing support as you’re exercising.

You need the freedom to stretch and move in all sorts of directions when running and exercising, so make sure that you search around for the appropriate length shorts to perfectly match your body type.

Compression leggings for men
Pure Running also has a number of compression leggings for men which can be used by athletes of all levels. No matter if you’re just starting to get into running and exercising more frequently or you’re training for a full marathon, compression leggings can have some serious benefits on your athletic performance.

Why do you need compression leggings?

One of the great benefits of compression leggings is the supreme comfort that they offer when you’re exercising. They’re also great for men that often experience some level of friction or chafing as the leggings won’t ride up when you’re in the gym, running on the streets, or out playing sport.

Compression leggings can also help with your muscle recovery, particularly after those big workout sessions. If you’re new to training, you might start experiencing some degree of soreness in your muscles, so these compression garments can lower your risk of delayed onset soreness.

They can reduce the amount of fatigue you experience during a run or workout session, helping you to keep going faster and for longer periods of time.

Compression leggings are also made to boost the level of oxygen that your muscles receive as they help promote blood flow and improve overall oxygenation of the muscles.

If you’re getting involved in resistance training on a regular basis, compression leggings can help promote muscle strength recovery and elevate your performance.

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There’s always room for improvement when finding the best clothing to match your exercise routine, so don’t hesitate to check out our men’s running shorts and compression leggings to add to your wardrobe. When that temperature starts to drop, you can combine the two and wear your leggings beneath the running shorts!

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