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Ultimate Direction Vests

Ultimate Direction Mountain Vests are designed especially by athletes, and remain one of the more popular vest pack brands on the market today for trail running and endurance events throughout the world. Ultimate Direction running vests are master-crafted, lightweight packs that aim to make wearers faster on their trails.


Ultimate Direction’s range of vests, as well as clothing and equipment for trail running can help you to be the best possible athlete you can possibly be throughout your runs.


What is the best Ultimate Direction fastpack for me?

There are many different vest packs in the Ultimate Direction range to suit everyone’s different needs. 


The SJ Ultra Vest 3.0, for example, is a perfect addition to your race gear for your next endurance event. The prototypes for this running pack were tested by Scott Jurek during his record breaking 43-day Appalachian run, with minor tweaks made to the pack due to his experience with the product.


Ultimate Direction has also fulfilled a gap in the market, with a selection of running vests specifically tailored for women. The Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta fastpack has been ergonomically engineered with greater attention to detail, such as the inclusion of lighter materials to prevent chaffing. Other fun additions to this durable pack include larger pockets and convenient collapsible bottles


The Adventure Vesta is one of the larger vest packs available in the range for women. If you’re in search of something a little smaller, you may want to look at the Ultra Vesta 3.0, which is a 7L option that can carry approximately 4L in fluids as well. This Ultimate Direction running vest also contains generously sized pockets that you can stash away your belongings in.


What other equipment does Ultimate Direction have for sale?

This popular brand doesn’t just excel in running vests, Ultimate Direction also has body bottles, body plus bottles and reservoirs for sale. This additional equipment will be ideal for you when reaching those checkpoints throughout your race.


Ultimate Direction also has rain jackets available to prevent you from getting cold or wet during your training sessions or your trail race. These Ultra Jackets, for both men and women, are designed with technology to create the most lightweight waterproof jackets on the market.  A fun addition to these jackets are their FlipMitts, a patent-pending feature to prevent wearers from getting cold fingers throughout their race!