Unived Gel, Drink Mix and Recovery Mix Review

February 25th, 2020

This review is by Benn Coubrough a Pure Runner and coach at Runlab.com.au.

Runlab are a leading provider of specialised group running training sessions and online training.

Unived products are available from Pure Running

I used the UNIVED GEL / Vegan Endurance Gel (Choco Fudge Flavour) during the Tarawera Ultramarathon 102k race, found it worked extremely well with the texture smooth, easy to consume with getting the out of the packet with no mess and the whole mix came out without loosing half of it still in the packet like other products. No gut digestion issues and a great taste and boost in the system and energy when I need it most. I consumed it halfway between 2 aid stations at 65km into the race and it got me through that tough section in the race, where I needed focus through the technical single track, as had been battling a painful knee from the 7km into the race where I had fallen and hit a rock, causing my knee to throb the entire race, so it worked well to keep my focus on the job ahead with such a long way to go.

Before the gel I had been using the UNIVED Elite Drink Mix, Wild Watermelon in my soft flask. The flavour worked well and found that consuming it in small amounts regularly helped sustain my energy from checkpoint to checkpoint. The two products worked well and it also suited my nutrition plan as I like to keep it simple and as natural as possible. I have my home-made brownies that I consume around the the UNIVED products, which works well to mix the taste and the eating real food also.

During the race, you also had to rely on what is in the aid stations as there were points that you had no crew and or drop bags, but it’s like a treat and reward to aim for as well, knowing that when you reach specific points in the race that you get to consume the products to get that physical boost to the system from UNIVED, but also mentally, with such a big race to tackle!!

In the lead up to the race in training I used the UNIVED Elite Recovery Mix, Coco Turmeric Latte, was easy to pour into some water and drink travelling back from the session and or pouring the mix into my breakfast bowl, which consisted of nuts and seeds, rolled oats and almond milk. Found this worked really well, firstly added a great taste and flavour, secondly met all the requirements for what I needed to replenish and refuel my body to aid the recovery process..

Great products and recommend them for any training and racing. Love the recovery mix the best as it just works good for my training and use those products more regularly.