Wildflower Parkrun – St Ives

June 12th, 2018

Come for a great time, not a fast time at the Wildflower Parkrun in St Ives.

Held in the beautiful setting of the Wildflower Gardens, there is only one word that describes the Wildflower parkrun: Mountainous.  On this course, you are either climbing or descending.  A true challenge of grit and determination, testing mental resilience to keep pushing the pace and not give in to the burning quads.

The course has a few out and back loops allowing you to see how much distance you’ve put in over your mates, or to marvel at the leaders looking undisturbed by the 1km climb midway through the course.  Protected from the elements by the tree lines, away from any view of cars, and used almost exclusively by parkrunners, you can focus on you’re A game and not worry about dodging dog walkers, bike riders and kids on scooters.

Don’t come to Wildflower looking for a 5k pb.   Expect to be some 10% slower than a flat course.  If the hills don’t slow you down, the many twists and turns of the course certainly will.  Instead, let the challenge be to not stop and walk, or not allow your kilometre pace to get above a minute more than your usual flat running speed.  Enjoy the burn from the hills and know you are building strength and toughness that a flat course can’t give you.  You’ll also enhance your leg speed after flying down some of the descents.

As per all parkruns, the vollys are great and provide a positive atmosphere no matter where you finish.  Be sure to give them a nod of appreciation if you can spare the effort after the final 1kim climb into the finish.