Running in Autumn

What to Wear When Running in Autumn

March 5th, 2024

As the Australian landscape transitions into the cooler months, runners face the perennial question: “What to wear when running in autumn?” This season brings lower temperatures, unpredictable weather, and shorter daylight hours, so choosing the right running apparel is more crucial than ever. This guide aims to empower runners, from beginners to seasoned athletes, with practical advice on dressing for success during autumn’s unique conditions.

Layering: The Foundation of Autumn Running Attire

When it comes to deciding what to wear when you run in autumn,  mastering the art of layering is your first step. This adaptable approach allows you to maintain optimal body temperature whilst still accommodating the season’s variable weather.

  • Breathable Base Layer: Your first layer should focus on moisture management, wicking sweat away to keep you dry and comfortable. Opt for materials like polyester or merino wool, which excel in keeping moisture at bay.
  • Insulating Mid-Layer: For those cooler mornings or late afternoons, an insulating layer is key. It should provide warmth without being overly bulky, with materials such as lightweight fleece or synthetic insulation being ideal choices.
  • Protective Outer Layer: The unpredictable autumn weather in Australia, with its sudden showers and gusts, necessitates a protective outer layer. A lightweight, water-resistant, and windproof jacket will shield you from the elements without compromising breathability.

Choosing the Right Fabrics

Even in Australia’s autumns, where we still get some high 20-30-degree days, when it comes to running apparel,  fabric choice is paramount across all your layers:

  • Synthetic Fabrics: For the base and outer layers, synthetic materials like polyester and nylon offer excellent moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, keeping you comfortable throughout your run.
  • Natural Fibres: Merino wool stands out for mid-layers, providing exceptional warmth, breathability, and moisture management. Its natural odour resistance also makes it ideal for longer runs.

With advancements in fabric technology, you can now have access to materials that are not only more effective in thermal regulation and water resistance but also lighter and more comfortable than ever before.

Autumn Running Gear

Essential Autumn Running Gear

Vital towards the tail end of the season and for those nighttime runs, when it comes to figuring out what to wear when running in autumn, there are a few items that are indispensable for tackling the season’s challenges:

  • Windbreakers and Waterproof Jackets: Vital for staying dry and protected against sudden weather changes.
  • Thermal Leggings and Long-Sleeve Tops: Offer additional warmth on those crisp autumn runs, ensuring comfort without the bulk.
  • Gloves and Beanies: Crucial for keeping your extremities warm, especially in the cooler parts of the day.
  • Waterproof Running Shoes: To navigate wet and slippery paths with confidence, look for shoes with good traction and water-resistant features.

Incorporating these essentials into your autumn running wardrobe ensures you’re well-equipped to face any weather condition the season throws at you.

Safety and Visibility in Autumn

With shorter days upon us, safety and visibility become paramount in deciding what to wear when running in autumn:

  • Reflective Clothing and Accessories: Ensure you’re visible to others during those early morning or late evening runs with high-visibility gear.
  • Headlamps and LED Lights: These are not just for your visibility but also for navigating dimly lit paths, making them essential for safe autumn running.

Footwear Considerations

Selecting the right footwear is crucial, providing the grip and protection needed for autumn’s wet and variable terrain:

  • Adequate Grip: Choose shoes with enhanced traction to prevent slips and falls on wet surfaces.
  • Water Resistance: Keep your feet dry and comfortable with shoes that offer water-resistant properties.

Adapting to Autumn’s Weather Changes

The key to comfortable running in autumn is adaptability. Being able to adjust your layers in response to warming up during your run or changing weather conditions ensures you remain comfortable throughout:

  • Start Cool: Begin your run feeling slightly cool, as you’ll warm up once you get moving.
  • Packable Layers: Opt for lightweight, packable gear that can be easily carried or tied around your waist when not needed.

Embracing the Season with Pure Running

Knowing what to wear when running in autumn in Australia allows you to fully embrace the season’s beauty and challenges. With the right attire, autumn running becomes not just a possibility but a pleasure, offering fresh, cool air and the stunning backdrop of changing leaves. If you’re searching for the right gear, check us out here at Pure Running, where we have curated a selection by runners for runners. Let us help you out with gearing up properly. Have the cooler temperatures invigorate your runs, and enjoy the unique charm that autumn brings.