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Introducing The Best Sunglasses For Running & Why You Need Them!

November 9th, 2022

If you’re an avid runner, chances are you spend a lot of time outside. You probably even try to be sun smart by slipping on a shirt, slopping on some sunscreen, and slapping on a hat. But while you’re out there pumping your legs in the harsh Aussie sun, don’t forget to also put on a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from those harmful ultraviolet radiation or UV rays.

Now, that’s great advice (if we do say so ourselves), but if you’ve ever tried going for a long run with a pair of vintage aviators constantly slipping off your face, you’ll know that standard sunglasses simply aren’t up to the task.

So, what are the best sunglasses for running? Read on to discover the benefits of finding the right pair for you, and why buying from a well-known brand like Goodr would make a worthwhile addition to your running kit.

Anti-slip design

Unlike everyday shades, all good running sunglasses have a special anti-slip design, so they’ll stay in place with a secure fit, even on smaller faces during the sweatiest run. No need to keep pushing those looser, larger lenses back into position every few steps! 

anti slip running sunglasses

A good pair of running shades will be adjustable or come in a variety of sizes for a secure fit on different face shapes. 

As a bonus, when your frames have a snug, perfect fit, they also offer protection against dust, sand, rain, and wayward insects.

Lightweight frame

Being designed especially for runners, the best running sunglasses are made with a lightweight frame—the right pair won’t hold you back in the slightest when the finish line is in sight after a long run. 

Polarised lenses for clear vision and UV protection

Running sunglasses come with polarised lenses as a standard feature, which offers several benefits by reducing the amount of sunlight directly reaching your eyes:

  • Minimises glare, reducing eye strain and allowing you to see more clearly during a run—especially useful for trail runners, and during low light conditions like sunrise and sunset.
  • Provides strong UV protection—the lens surface is completely reflective, preventing the harmful UVA and UVB rays from actually reaching your eyes. This reduces your risk of developing cataracts and other long-term eye diseases associated with prolonged sun exposure.

Polarised lenses

Something to keep in mind: It can take your eyes a little time to adjust to polarised lenses if you don’t usually wear them. This shouldn’t take long, so if you experience ongoing eye strain or regular headaches after wearing your new glasses, consider visiting your doctor.

Why is polarisation important in Australia?

Polarised sunglasses are specially treated to filter out glare from reflective horizontal surfaces, like the ocean or a bitumen road, while allowing vertical light to pass through. With the harsh Aussie sun and our outdoor-loving lifestyles, we tend to have a lot more exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays than many other countries. And while we might be relatively sun smart as a nation, all too often proper eye protection is simply overlooked.

Fun fact: This technology is actually inspired by eagles, who have a special oil in their eyes that acts as a mirror against the light bouncing off reflective surfaces below, so they can keenly spot prey while hunting—they can even see below the water’s reflective surface from above!

Unique sunglasses from Goodr

Since their launch in 2015, Goodr has fast become a favourite of runners worldwide. Today, they sell top quality sunglasses across 50 countries, at a great price point and a wide range designed especially for runners, all with a focus on being fun and fashionable as well as functional.

goodr sunglasses

Goodr’s huge range of sunglasses is unlike any other on the market. With hilarious names like “Tropic Like Its Hot” and “I Do The Open Bar”, they come with a lot of personality and a style for everyone. They’re also made with a textured silicon ear piece and special grip coating, ensuring total comfort and the all-important anti-slip design. 

Goodr’s eyewear can be used for outdoor activities other than running, too. They sell sunglasses that are perfectly suited for cycling and golfing, and of course, their range is just so stylish and affordable that anyone can easily find their new favourite everyday sunnies.

Co-founders Stephen Lease and Ben Abell are both passionate runners, and they channel that passion into making products that look cool and meet the needs of today’s runners. With so many overpriced and unattractive running sunglasses on the market before 2015, they set out to create a product line that was stylish, performance-oriented, and affordable for everyone—and Goodr running glasses were born!


Can you run with sunglasses? Definitely! But, while your favourite pair of casual sunglasses are fine for general use, you’ll get much more benefit from wearing specially designed sunglasses during outdoor activities like running or cycling.

If you’re keen to start looking at options but still find yourself wondering, “So… what are the best sunglasses for running?”

It’s hard to go past a good pair of Goodr sunglasses. Check out their huge range on the Pure Running website! You’ll find everything you need in our online running store—a wide range of colours and lens tints, plus styles to suit all face shapes. It’s never been easier to get your perfect shades and accelerate your running experience.