How To Increase Your Running Stamina

How To Increase Your Running Stamina

December 8th, 2021

Speak to some of the world’s best runners and they’re sure to tell you one thing: results don’t happen overnight. So, if you’re wondering how to increase stamina for running, be prepared to put in the work. And while there aren’t any magic tricks to make your body exert itself for longer, there are a number of habits that you can adopt to improve your running stamina and endurance.

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned runner, there are always more strategies on how to increase stamina for running, some of which are mentioned below. By making some simple changes to your training routine such as eating better or running more comfortably, you’ll be kicking those fitness goals in no time.

7 tips on how to increase stamina for running

Figuring out how to increase stamina for running can be much easier with a few tips. Give these suggestions below a go and watch your running performance soar.

1. Be consistent

A sure fire way to get better at anything is to train consistently. However, this is easier said than done. Many beginning runners often start and stop training at random, losing motivation over time. It is important to push yourself to stick to a running routine as it will help your body adapt to the intensity of exercise, promote muscle growth, and benefit your cardiovascular system.

Part of consistent training is to gradually stretch your limits. For instance, you could increase the distance of your run each week and spend more time training until you are regularly running 4-5 times a week.

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2. Include tempo runs and other speed work

Running in short speed bursts will help improve your aerobic capacity as well as physical strength. In addition to these two, you will also be improving your stamina for running. If you haven’t tried including speed work in your routine before, starting out with a few short speed bursts or tempo runs once a week. Be sure to check out our in-depth blog on tempo runs and their effectiveness to help you get started.

3. Do dynamic stretches

When you are working on increasing your running stamina, you will also require better joint and muscle mobility to prevent getting running injuries. On days that you are not running, be sure to keep your body agile and mobile by performing dynamic stretches and exercises. Simple stretches like leg swings, lunges, butt kicks, and toe touches are the easiest way to get some stretching in before a run or on off days. 

dynamic stretches for running

Check out our blog on the best stretches for running faster and longer for a thorough explanation of dynamic stretching.

4. Throw in some cross training & strength training

Runners who are just starting out often feel that running long distances are daunting. If you ever feel this way, it is important to remember that your performance will improve over time, and that your stamina and endurance are improving with each intentional run.

Another way you can boost your running endurance and stamina for quicker results is to do some cross training. For example, on those days that you are not running, work on different parts of your body. You can try a different form of cardio exercise, do some yoga, or do some at-home strength training exercises like squats and lunges. This time can also be great for trying out activities you don’t usually do such as; hiking, outdoor cycling, swimming, or HIIT workouts.

5. Fuel your body

Running is an exercise that burns tons of calories. No matter your fitness goal, nourishing your body from the inside out through conscious, healthy food choices will help you succeed in your fitness journey. 

It is important to target the food groups that your body needs to fuel and heal itself. Another great thing about eating better is that you can often make the simple changes yourself, and  might not have to approach a dietician.

That said, a health professional can provide great dietary advice that is tailored to your body. This may be specially relevant to marathon runners who have very specific marathon nutrition needs.  

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However, you can also easily include more whole foods like healthy grains and vegetables in your diet, which serve as natural fuel for your active body. If you find yourself plateauing mid run, quick carbs that come in the form of an energy gel can be a lifesaver.

6. Have a balanced training plan

A common mistake that even experienced runners often make is running at 110% all the time — even on recovery runs. This can cause a plateau in workout improvements and put the runner’s body at a higher risk of getting sore and injured. So instead of exerting all your energy at every run, try taking a more balanced approach.

Every moderate to hard workout causes lactic acid to build up in your body, so you need to let your body rest and recover to break down this build up. 24 hours after a hard run, take a recovery run at an easy pace for maximum benefits. While recovery runs are usually for people who run 4 times a week or more, it’s useful to keep this advice in your back pocket.

7. Be patient

These tips on how to increase stamina for running might sound great, but they will only work when you apply them. You might try these strategies out for a week and feel no different to when you started. But the key is to commit to a plan and see it through. Try not to cram every activity into a week, as you will just feel overwhelmed and defeated. Take things a step at a time, and soon you’ll know your efforts were worth it.

Run like you mean it

Now that you have some great tips on how to increase stamina for running, prepare yourself for the road ahead. As running is an activity that requires dedication and resilience, it is imperative you have the right attitude. You also want to be equipped with the right gear to set yourself up. 

Here at Pure Running, we are firm believers that investing in high quality running gear can ensure more effective and intentional workouts. That’s why we’ve sourced some of the best running accessories in Australia.

Before you take a big leap towards improving your running stamina, make sure to check out our high quality range of running accessories and running nutrition to support your . So gear up, stick to a great routine, and reap the rewards.